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OVERTIME: Public Education in Alabama with Terri Michaels

We have a wide ranging discussion with educator, AFT staffer, and former school board member Terri Michaels about the state of education in Alabama.

Joe Biden Took Rail Barons Side - TVLR 12/3/22

In this pretaped episode, we cover Biden's caping for rail barons right after the news broke.

OVERTIME: The Case for Rail Nationalization + Teaching Caesar Chavez to Alabama Students - TVLR 11/26/22

We continue our conversation with Railroad Workers United Steering Committee Member Paul Lindsay and he makes the case for nationalization of the rails. Haeden Wright ...

Biden's Deal SHOT DOWN; Rail Strike BACK ON THE TABLE w/ Railroad Workers United - TVLR 11/26/22

Tuberville is lecturing Alabamians again. A republican state senator wants your child to go without healthcare. We talk to a railroader about the strike being back on ...

OVERTIME: Journalism & Labor in Norway & the US w/ Norwegian Journalist Mathias Hammer - TVLR 11/19/22

In OVERTIME, we talk to Norwegian journalist Mathias Hammer about Labor in Norway and his recent reporting on the US.

Recent Ironworkers Union Apprenticeship Program Graduate Talks About the Union Advantage - TVLR 11/19/22

For national apprenticeship week, Casey Thomas, recent graduate of the Ironworkers Local 477 apprenticeship program, talks to us about what the program has done for hi...

What's Next for the AL Democratic Party? w/ ADP Chair Randy Kelley - TVLR 11/12/22

Randy Kelley, chair of the Alabama Democratic Party, joins to talk about what's next.

OVERTIME: What can we learn from the '96 US Labor Party? w/ Mark Dudzic - TVLR 11/5/22

Mark Dudzic joins to talk about the history of the US Labor Party that formed in 1996. What lessons can we take from it?

They Want MORE Child Labor w/ Workday Magazine's Sarah Lazare - TVLR 11/5/22

LOTS of guests today! First, we talk to Terri Gerstein about Republicans playacting as pro working class folks. Then we talk to Kermit Moore and Wes Trotterchaud about...

OVERTIME: JD Vance is a Grifting Fraud w/ Apoddlachia's Chuck Corra

Apoddlachia's Chuck Corra joins to talk about JD Vance. We discuss Democrats' poor performance in Alabama, and MORE in OVERTIME.

Million Dollar Quitter Tuberville Says YOU Don't Work Hard Enough - TVLR 10/29/22

LOTS of news to cover! Hyundai is running from responsibility, bosses are trying to push bad policy down Tennesseeans throats, the AEA has elections, AND MORE on today...


David sits in for Jake with Adam and talks union.

PS: Steve Hubbard is running for Alabama State House District 92

Adam talks to Steve Hubbard, candidate for Alabama State House.

OVERTIME: Alabama Trouble Makers School CONDENSED - TVLR 10/15/22

We talk to folks facilitating panels and workshops at the Alabama Trouble Makers School.

Hyundai Gets REAL PENALTY for "Oppressive" Child Labor in Alabama - TVLR 10/15/22

Hyundai got some real penalties for using Alabama's children at one of their supplying plants. OSHA is investigating Amazon, and we talk to folks facilitating workshop...

PS: Jared Budlong is Running for Governor of Alabama

We talk to Jared Budlong, independent gubernatorial candidate in Alabama.

OVERTIME: Automotive Free Clinic & Southern Identity w/ Zac Hyden - TVLR 10/8/22

Amazon warehouses are catching fire and Biden is (not really) legalizing weed. Zac Hyden joins Adam for a chat about his work and southern identity.

Alabama Paper Mill Workers LOCKED OUT - TVLR 10/8/22

We talk to Joe Demanuelle-Hall about the Alabama Troublemakers school happening next week. Bobby Watson, USW Local President from Mahrt Mill talks about WestRock locki...

PS: Will Boyd is Running for US Senate in Alabama

We talk to Will Boyd, candidate for US Senate in Alabama.

DOUBLE OT: Is it worth it going on local talk radio? w/ Ben Burgis - TVLR 10/2/22

Jacob went on a local right wing talk show to discuss his recent article in Jacobin. Ben Burgis, Jacobin columnist and debate bro, comes on stream to give his thoughts...

OVERTIME: Matt Gaetz Wants to ABOLISH the VA, Union Claps Back + "The God Who Riots" w/ Damon Garcia & Kyle Kerns - TVLR 10/1/22

AFGE represents thousands of VA employees - we talk to their communications director about why abolishing the VA is a bad idea. Damon Garcia joins to discuss his new b...

Selma City Workers Pledge "Minimum Work"; Inflation w/ Hadas Thier & MORE - TVLR 10/1/22

We provide an update on the Selma City workers dispute and get an update on the prison strike. Hadas Thier walks us through Inflation. AND MORE!

OVERTIME: Littler Mendelson says BOSSES BEWARE w/ HuffPo's Dave Jamieson, ANIME UNION BUSTING, & More - TVLR 9/24/22

We talk to Dave Jamieson, Huffington Post's Labor Reporter about union busting firm Littler Mendelson's Labor Day Report. Crunchyroll is union busting, we talk to Mel ...

Georgia Rail Worker on the New TA + Prison Strike in AL w/ APR's John Glenn - TVLR 9/24/22

Selma city workers are strike. Alabama prisoners are making plans to lay down their tools. Something's in the air and we're talking about it.

OVERTIME: Ted Cruz reckons baristas are slackers & a barista schools Congress - TVLR 9/17/22

We cover Ted Cruz's "slacker barista" arc and the congressional hearing on union busting that Starbucks Workers United member Michelle Eisen participated in.

PS: Prince Cleveland is Running for Alabama State House District 43

We talk to candidate for Alabama State House District 43, Prince Cleveland.

Railroad Strike Averted... For Now w/ Jonah Furman - TVLR 9/17/22

Jonah Furman brings us the latest on the rail negotiations. A NNU member from the Tuscaloosa VA talks about issues they're having with staffing, and more.

OVERTIME: Daily Wire 4th Stringer Matt Walsh Thinks He Works Harder Than Teachers - TVLR 9/10/22

We react to Matt Walsh saying teachers are lazy, take listener questions, and more.

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