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School Privatization is Wrong for Alabama + Kim Kelly and Isaiah Thomas Talk LaborNotes & AFL Conventions - TVLR 7/2/22

We talk about some arguments for school privatization on our local talk station, bring Kim and Isaiah on to talk about the conventions in June.

Pride at Work: Fighting for Gay Rights Through the Union - TVLR 6/25/22

Roe versus Wade is dead, a loss for workers across the country. We talk to the Executive Director of Pride at Work to round out June.

OVERTIME: What's Up With William Z Foster? with Chris Townsend - TVLR 6/18/22

William Z Foster's writings have been lighting up the labor organizing space recently. What do they say, and what is their relevance? We bring on Chris Townsend, former UE staff and ATU Organizing Director to find out.

DOUBLE OT: Ryan Grim Says Unionizing Nonprofit Workers are Whiny Babies; A Unionizing Nonprofit Worker Responds - TVLR 6/18/22

Ryan Grim had an article in The Intercept last week basically positing that nonprofit workers are too woke, sourced entirely from interviews with bosses. We talked to a worker whose union was implicated in the piece: Ashley Little, a research Assitant at Guttmacher and a member of the union's organizing committee.

Organize the South with a Virginia Educator and a North Carolina Public Servant - TVLR 6/18/22

We've got a full (pretaped) show today, featuring a full roster of guests including Jonah Furman talking the LaborNotes convention, Virginia educator Patrick Korte and a North Carolina cook Sekia Royal talk organizing the South, Scott Heric talks Unionly, and more.

Alabama Republicans Don't Care About You & EPA Worker Talks Contract Negotiations - TVLR 6/11/22

We talk about some state politics for a bit, and then Brian Kelly will join us - AFGE Local 704 VP representing EPA workers - and talk about the EPA, Trump's attacks on it, and the effort to reverse those attacks.

IBEW Local 558 Business Manager Talks Union, EEOC Files Lawsuit for Alabama Worker - TVLR 6/4/22

The EEOC is filing a lawsuit on behalf of a Prattville, Alabama worker. The problem? The harassment happened over two years ago. IBEW 558 president Tony Quillen talks union with us.

Climate Change as Class War, Union Coffee in AL, & Conservatives Laugh at Poor Women - TVLR 5/28/22

We've got Matt Huber on the program to discuss some of the ways that the left wing conversation around climate change is failing us. Starbucks workers in Birmingham WON their union! Conservative talkers laugh at the situation they will be putting women in after Roe v. Wade AND MORE.

OVERTIME: Amazon Labor Union w/ Luis Leon - TVLR 5/21/22

OVERTIME Luis Leon breaks down everything around the Amazon Labor Union for us.

What Are Democrats Doing in Alabama w/ Party Chair Chris England - TVLR 5/21/22

We talk to Chris England about the state of the party in Alabama, give updates on the Starbucks campaign, and talk about how Trump is still putting miners at risk even now.

OVERTIME w/ Alabama Starbucks Workers United - TVLR 5/14/22

In OVERTIME we talk to unionizing Alabama baristas, and more.

Fight Like Hell w/ Kim Kelly - TVLR 5/14/22

Big guests on the show today! We talk to Kim Kelly about her new book, Adam gives us a history lesson about the teaching of labor history.

OVERTIME: Inflation Conversation w/ Yaffee, Blackrock Calls for End to the Warrior Met Strike, & More - TVLR 5/7/22

We talk to Yaffee about inflation. Then we talk the latest news on the Warrior Met Strike and more.

Your Boss is Stealing from You: Take It Back + Abortion Rights are Workers Rights - TVLR 5/7/22

We talk to folks in the local Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division about wage theft, discuss the recent news about Roe Vs Wade and how that affects workers, and MUCH MORE.

OVERTIME - Retired Local USW President: Bosses Aren't on Your Team (Fighting "Cooperative Management") - TVLR 4/30/22

Overtime this week is a conversation with Joe Marshall, a retired steelworker president, about his company's attempt to implement "redesign/cooperative management" at the paper mill, why it's a ruse, and how he fought it.

SPLC Workers Fight for Fairness, Bernie VS. Amazon, & Workers Memorial Day- TVLR 4/30/22

SPLC workers fight for fairness, Bernie Sanders takes aim at Amazon, Starbucks inoculation ramping up, Kathleen Kirkpatrick from Hometown Action talks the Anti-Riot Bill, and more!

OVERTIME w/ Ohio's Ed "Flash" Ferenc - TVLR 4/23/22

In OVERTIME we talk to Ohio's daily union talk radio host: Ed "Flash" Ferenc and go over some Amazon news.

Privatizers are Coming for the VA, ACLU Fights for Free Speech in Florence - TVLR 4/23/22

Daniel Horowitz from AFGE joins to talk about the attack on the VA. The ACLU is fighting for free speech in Florence. Machinists in Decatur get a contract - members vote on it soon, and Tim James says he'll support the coal miners, but what did his daddy do in office?

PS: Tim James is Running for Governor of Alabama - TVLR 4/15/22

Politicians Suck, but they still have some power, so we want to help you know your options. Tim James, son of former Alabama Governor Fob James, is running for Governor himself. He joins Alabama's Only Talk Radio Show to talk about his platform.

OVERTIME: Sam Seder Says Management Killed Left Wing Radio, Libertarian Debate Bro Says Workers Are Parasites - TVLR 4/16/22

Sam joins us, despite being barely over his CoVid, to discuss the successes of the Air America radio network and how a rapid string of bad managers, that all had little broadcasting experience, brought it to an early bankruptcy. We explain Joy Silk, respond to some social media commentary, and rebut the claims of Glenn Greenwald and Matt Yglesias that wokeness is killing unions.

RWDSU Poultry Workers Talk Union, Tim James is Running For Governor, & MORE - TVLR 4/16/22

Mona Darby, a poultry worker and president of RWDSU Local 451 joins with staff rep Josh Brewer to talk union. Scott Heric from Unionly talks about how they can help your your union. We play a clip from our interview with Tim James (full conversation coming later), and more.

OVERTIME: Union Busters Compare Unionists to Bombs, Howard Shultz Cries Assault & Amazon BANS Freedom - TVLR 4/9/22

Mel Buer of The Morning Riot podcast and author of F*** Your Newsroom, joins us to talk about a wild white paper from a union busting group, Adam gives an Alabama education update, we talk about THE SLAP, and more.

WOW: Amazon Workers WIN Election in NY, Close in AL + Science Says Management Sucks - TVLR 4/9/22

We talk about the historic Amazon Labor Union win, recap the campaign in Alabama, and talk about their union busting. Daniel Tait joins to talk about Energy Alabama & Mel Buer joins to talk about a wild white paper from a union busting group.

OVERTIME: Lew Burdette, a candidate for Governor of Alabama - TVLR 4/2/22

We begin our new segments of political interviews with emphasis on labor.

NLRB Workers Fight for Funding, Amazon Puts Alabama Workers at Risk, & More - TVLR 4/2/22

We talk to Birmingham NLRB attorney and president of the NLRB Union Local 10 about how funding cuts have affected the agency, and answer your voicemails. Amazon put Alabama workers in harm's way last week, and we talk to a candidate for Governor.

OVERTIME: Bargaining for Power w/ Connor Lewis + Woke Anti-Worker Liberals - TVLR 3/26/22

Connor Lewis talks to us about strategies for effective unionism. Adam brings us a sports labor round-up. Nearly half of Alabamians make less than $15/hr, PLUS we break down some weird tweets.

Veterans in the Labor Movement w/ Will Attig + Conservative Media has the WRONG Priorities - TVLR 3/26/22

William Attig, executive director of the Union Veterans Council, talks about being arrested supporting Alabama coal miners and the work his organization does for union veterans. We talk about a story that animated right wing weirdos for a week, and what didn’t. And you know there is always more.

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